[En CBT] Virtualization with XEN and KVM

The following pieces of software (and Hardware) were used to create these (Virtualization) CBTs :

  • XEN physical host HW: Dell Optiplex GX520
  • XEN physical host OS: CentOS release 5.4 (Final) (64 bit)
  • Kernel (updated via yum): 2.6.18-164.15.1.el5xen

XEN and libvirt:

  • xen-3.0.3-94.el5_4.3
  • libvirt-0.6.3-20.1.el5_4
  • virt-manager-0.6.1-8.el5


  • CBT host: Fedora release 11 (Leonidas)  (64 bit)
  • Video creation software: istanbul-0.2.2-12.fc11.x86_64
  • Video editing software: pitivi-0.13.3-1.fc11.noarch

[uploaded 18 Apr 2010]  [ ogg format : OGG Codec for windows media player are here . Linux users can use VLC or MPlayer . ]
Virtualization-1: Introduction (51MB)
Virtualization-2: Terminology and Benefits (66MB)
Virtualization-3: Technologies (46MB)
Virtualization-4: Xen Architecture Basics (76MB)
Virtualization-5: Installation of xen Para Virtual Machine (30MB)
Virtualization-6: Xen Networking Concepts-1 (85MB)
Virtualization-7: Installation of xen Hardware-assisted Virtual Machine (47MB)
Virtualization-8: Installation of windows xp on xen HVM, using partition on physical host-1 (33MB)
Virtualization-9: Installation of windows xp on xen HVM, using partition on physical host-2  (8MB)
Virtualization-10: Brief introduction to LVM (38 MB)
Virtualization-11: Installation of LinuxVM on LVM (31 MB)
Virtualization-12: Running a LiveCD ISO (e.g. DamnSmallLinux, STD, etc) as XEN HVM (25 MB)
Virtualization-13: LVM Snapshots and managing virtual disks with kpartx (95 MB)
Virtualization-14: APIC and ACPI issues with HVMs  (50MB)
Virtualization-15: Installing ParaVirtual drivers on windows HVMs (40 MB)
Virtualization-16: Using a pre-built XEN DomU image for openfiler (60 MB)
Virtualization-17: Naming scheme suggestion for Vitual Machines and Virtual Disks/LVMs. Plus, setting Dom0_mem (32 MB)
Virtualization-18: Openfiler configuration [Volume Groups, Logical Volumes, iSCSI Targets, Netwok ACL, etc] (39 MB) (Check this article from Linux Magazine too: http://www.linux-mag.com/cache/7785/1.html )
Virtualization-19: XEN Live Migration-1 (71 MB)
Virtualization-20: XEN Live Migration-2 (78 MB)

Note: Babar Zahoor has created a CBT on XEN in Urdu language. If you are interested, it is available at this link .

The home workbench! (a.k.a HomeOffice!)


A closer look at the test servers (PCs): [3 x Dell OPTIPLEX GX520] [Left to right: Storage, PhysicalHost1, PhysicalHost2]



6 thoughts on “[En CBT] Virtualization with XEN and KVM

  1. Azeem Javed

    Dear Kamran Azeem and Babar zahoor,

    Assalam o alikum

    Sir aap nay jo bhi kuck kia hai i am happy with that but sir as know that today in IT industry
    all latest jobs were of Development side jobs now valve to this system administartion.I mean no
    system administration jobs here you started it too late !!!!!!!

    But sir the you did it was ousome Grate Allah will rewards you for this inshallah

    Azeem Javed

  2. admin

    Alhumdulillah. Thank you for appreciation.
    What you have mentioned is not entirely true. It is also not the correct picture of the IT market. At any given time, all types of jobs are almost always available. There is always a need of developers to write new programs, system administrators to make sure that the programs run on the selected operating systems, network administrators to make sure that the moving parts of entire infrastructure does communicate to each other, and the database administrators to make sure the databases are running at top performance.

    Still, Better late than never !!!

  3. Azeem Javed

    Dear Admin
    Assalam o alikum

    As i previously mention that today specially in IT Field not in pakistan but Globally the job of network administrators and system administrators were too less as compared to
    the job market in past I am Network/System administrator in my company when i was joined there was a lot of work regarding system and networking but when they all set
    it was working fine there was no need to do anything once configured correctly all things running smoothly my job here is to administer Ubuntu Desktop in the entire organization. I want to say there was only one person (ME) who was maintaining all the Desktop and networking problems and (10–15) employee was working as a Developers there Similarly in any other IT company this is the Ratio So the the number of Network/System Administration Jobs is less now it will become more Serious to me how find better job one problem is that i am not interested write programs in PHP,ASP.net ,MS SQL Server 2008 etc.All is your interest in something
    nothing is difficult and nothing is easy. it depends upon how much you have taken an interest in it it will become more easier to do

    So kindly tell me what can i do now to survive in that typical scenario or what strategy i will make to solve the problem I have already spent too much money in this IT field
    i want to earn by using my IT skills.another problem is that lots of jobs were not advertised in open market.

    And you have to up to date yourself anytime technology is advancing too fast which another big problem !!!!!

    kindly anybody give me advice what can i do now any advice will be greatly be appreciated.

    Azeem Javed

  4. admin

    Wa-alaikum-us-salam, Dear Azeem,

    This page is merely a location to Download Virtualization CBTs, for those who are interested in it.
    Career counselling is a sensitive topic. And there is no “one size fits all” version for it either. I would recommend you to consult a friend of yours, who is close to you (knows you closely), is senior to you, and have more experience. He should be able to guide you better. Career advices are given on various factors, including, but not limited to: education/qualification, experience, age, (marital status, at times!), areas of interest, etc.
    If you still want to ask career guidance in an open forum, I would suggest you to please post your questions in the forums , e.g. http://forums.techsnail.com. Or, write “directly” (through email, of-course), to someone you have confidence in.


  5. Azeem Javed

    Assalam o alikum
    Dear Kamran,

    I Have some friends who were too close to me but they were all of the same age of mine 26–28 years they all have same experiance than i have the field of IT Since we all passed out from
    Sir syed university of in year 2007 but they all were not suggesting me the right way to go that
    is why with some hope I asked you a question about it you can personally mail me, or other wise no problem. its fine actually i feel some confidence by watching
    your CBTs thats why I asked you.I have found noting regarding Career Counselling portion in link you provided.

  6. admin

    Javed sb, please write to me through my email address, provided on the main page of this web site. You can also put your questions in the “General” category in the forums.

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